Microdosing Mastery

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Microdosing Mastery was created by Master Human Development Coach and leader of the Conscious Psychedelic movement, Nate Baumgardner, to support people with the burning desire for change in their lives. Utilizing the most trusted, proven tools and practices available to create radical transformation, Microdosing Mastery will guide you in the knowledge, wisdom, and experience to build a powerful and sacred psychedelic practice

From mastering Transformative Breathwork, Microdosing, Somatic Healing, Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Tools, and Integration – Microdosing Mastery enables the transformation people are seeking by taking a unique and potent approach that other programs in the psychedelic field miss.

Along this journey you will not only have the potent wisdom of the mushrooms as your guide, you’ll also have access to Innate Flow’s world-class coaching, and grow alongside leaders walking similar paths to self-mastery

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